Monday, February 23, 2015

Year of Goat!

First of all..........

Happy Happy Goat's Year! Mehhhhhhhh~ 

Steamboat party on Day 1.
Well-spent day with my family & aunt's family at home.
Home-cook steamboat is always the best!

Slightly different from the previous years, I spent my Day 2 in Klang this year.
Yes, with boyfie's family! :)
Took a bus to KL, and had our light breakfast in KL before we headed back to Klang.
Right after meeting his brother, we had Nando's as lunch.

Went a lil shopping - hanging around at his house - Dinner!
Thanks to Uncle Chua for the good food, hahah!
Right after visiting his brother & sister, we had our supper at New Boston, Klang!
Omg, the food is Always so tempting!!!

Anyway, it's always good to be with him & of course, his family.

Both of us came back to Muar on Day 3.
Spent half of our day in the jam, ewww :(

Had our annual yamcha session with my sisters!
He must be really tired on that night. 
We had to visit my aunts right after our steamboat dinner at home.
But somehow, he accompanied us with no complaints! :')
Love you, hon.

Day 4 with cousins!
We usually spend our Day 4 in Malacca, thanks to our Moms! 

It's also the only chance that all of us gather around under one roof.
So, a Wefie is a must! :p

Family portrait 2015,
Not forgetting to take a group photo with my family!
Big thanks to my personal photographer! ^^v

Mr Chua went back to Klang on Day 4.
So unwilling to send him off. :(

Anyway, thanks for spending time with my family! Love ya :p

 Day 4 night-out with my secondary school mates!
SAB Girls rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had our girls talk last night and I felt great!

I miss our school times when all of us were able to see each other often.

Till the next time!

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