Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Happy Valentine's Day!!!

It's my second year that I HAVE TO STUDY ON VALENTINE'S DAY! :(
Well, you wouldn't know how reluctant I was to actually go for a class.

Good thing is I have him with me! =)
He brought me for breakfast, took-away lunch for me and of course, sent me to class.
My class started at 10am and ended at 5pm sharp on that day.
Went over to the car and surprisingly, he passed me a bouquet of roses!
OMGGG, SO ROMANTIC! Ahahahahaha. :p

Love the flowers, love the scent of the flowers.

Love Letter to HIM:

"Thank you for the things that you have done all these years.
I am truly thankful and happy to have you in my life.
Thanks for all your love. 5th Valentine's day with you & more to come!
Lucky to have you with me, love you lotsss, xoxo!"

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