Friday, November 28, 2014

Cameron Highlands 22/11-24/11

How're you peeps? :)
Hope that you guys are doing fine okay! ;))

Visited Cameron Highlands during the last weekend.
I'm always a big fans of Cameron Highlands.
It's a very cozy,lovely place to live in. 
Away from the busy cities, away from all the distractions.
It's a good place to lead a simple & peaceful life.
Good choice for retirement heh? :D

Been to Cameron Highlands with Mr.Chua once. Few years time back then.
We went to Cameron Highlands this time with his family!

Our 1st stop was the strawberry farm and the second stop was the Cameron Valley (Tea Farm).
Enjoy my very 1st strawberry ice-cream & sweetcorn in there.
Thanks to Uncle Chua!

After putting in all our luggage in the apartment (Crown Imperial Court Apartment),
we went out for our dinner!

Organic Vegetable Steamboat @ Cameron Highlands on the first night.
It was raining heavily on the very first night, and it was sooooo nice to have such steamboat dinner.
Feel healthy to have the steamboat dinner that night, cause' it's organic weyyy!

Went to the famous Brinchang night market after dinner.
It was really lucky that the rain stopped right after our dinner. xoxo!

Craving for this for a loooonnggggg time.
Thanks to Mr.Boyfriend for buying me the big,red strawberries! 
It's the best thing in Cameron Highlands, don't you think so? :)
We bought lotsa chocolates and dried strawberries too!
Aaaaahhh, I just love them all!

On the next day,
brunch @ Lavino Cafe!
Ordered carbonara spaghetti and it was good!
Love the design & the environment of the cafe ALOT!

Went to the Boh Tea centre right after our brunch.
We also had our tea time there!
Strawberry cheese cake, strawberry cake & chocolate cake! OMGOMGOMG!

Took alot of pictures @ Boh Tea Centre. Wahahah.

Also, we went to the Lavender Garden!
Entrance Ticket : RM5 for adult

A place to take photos with the flowers/lavender/strawberries.
and of course to try on the Lavender ice-cream!
RM5.50 each.
Expensive, but it's worth to try ;D
Not too sweet and the taste is good.

We basically visited Boh Tea Centre, Lavender Garden, Cactus Point, Cactus Valley and Strawberry Centre on Day 2!

At night, we went to the Cactus View Restaurant to have our BBQ steamboat dinner.
It's really good to have such steamboat dinner due to the cold weather in Cameron Highlands!

Went to the Brinchang night market again after dinner.

Right after our breakfast & the visit to the morning market @ Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands,
we headed to Ipoh Town!
We reached after about two hours.
Tried the very famous chicken rice in Ipoh!

Aaaaaahhh, so tempting!

Guess Ipoh is another food paradise. Hahah.
We went to Nam Heong Ipoh Old Town White Coffee before we went back home.
And that's the end for our 3 days 2 nights trip. awww. :'(

Reached Klang at about 8pm that day. Approximately 3 hours from Ipoh.

Enjoyed alot in this trip.
Spent lots of time with his family this time.

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