Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#Lacelle @Bausch+Lomb

Hey baby, I'm back.
Tomorrow is my off day, so I am here! :)

Nothing to blog about. So, let's start with a pretty vain topic.
Yes, contact lens, if you know what Lacelle or Bausch+Lomb is.

The WOW truck by Lacelle.
Met the WOW truck at Cheras Leisure Mall, last Saturday!
Thanks to Mr.Chua for the fetch. Hiak hiak.
It was so jam all the way from Jalan Loke Yew to Cheras Leisure Mall.
Yet, he brought me! *with little complaints? haha*

I started wearing contact lens....when I was...18? 
it's been almost 5-6 years. hahah. time fliesssss!
I wear specs most of the time now.
put on my lens only when I am going out/dating. *laughs*

Left eye: 700++    Right :600++
yeah it's serious, i know :/

Previously, I used to buy Acuvue monthly disposable contact lenses.
around RM60 per pack, but I need to buy 2 packs for both eyes,
so RM120 for 2 packs, which can last for about 6 months.

and I used to buy this contact lens solution.
I have really sensitive eyes.
So I can't go for any other contact lens solution, but only this.

Alcon's Opti Free REPLENISH, it's a little bit pricey compared to other solutions,
but it's really good and makes my eyes comfortable. :)

And later on, I switched my lens to 1-day Acuvue Moist lenses.
It's a daily-type of lenses which I do not use any lens solution to clean the lens before I put them on.
RM90 per pack, RM180 for two.

Advise for new contact lens users:
Know your eyes' condition well
Choose a brand that is suitable for your eyes
Get the contact lens from eyewear shops/outlets
If it's monthly-disposable-type of lenses, buy a good contact lens resolution
Also, buy a contact lens-eyedrop liquid(place a few drops on your eyes to prevent dry eyes)
Clean your lens properly! ! !

I personally prefer 1-day Acuvue as compared to the Acuvue's monthly disposable lenses.
It's easier and safer for me.
My eyes are sensitive, my eyes get infected very easily.
So, I need extra care and effort to protect my eyes, hahah.

Also, I tried colour lens before, the one in Grey.
Love them because colour lens do make our eyes bigger/prettier/sweeter.
As my eyes are a little bit more sensitive than other people, 
I dare not try on the colour lens that are being sold online.

and I found this! Lacelle by Bausch+Lomb
Wanted to try on Bausch+Lomb lenses for sooooo long.
But I feel that, since I am used to Acuvue, so why not just stick to it.
So I didn't give a try on Bausch+Lomb.
Ah, I am a perfect/loyal Acuvue lenses supporter! :p

If you want to try on Lacelle, find out from the WOW truck!
Get their locations @ Lacelle Malaysia Facebook
The people there are so friendly and helpful!
They go to different locations in KL/Selangor area.
Met them in Cheras & I got my trial lenses!
Get yours too okay, girls! :D

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