Thursday, February 7, 2013


I would rather wish you earlier, than, you know.
I am too busy to write a blog recently.
But I would say, I enjoy being so busy! =)

Had a gathering with my class on Sunday.
We had our reunion lunch @ Wetex. It's our steamboat party!
There're 46 students in my class, and there're 26 of them joined the reunion gathering.
Thank God! It was a successful gathering.
Hoping that there'll be many more to come!

My favourite kid, Ming Shen!
Look at the 1st group photo.
The 1 sitting on his friend's legs, that's him!
He's already Form 1, but his height is only 138cm.

How cute is that! hahaha! :p

Red guy : Kester, English Teacher
Black guy : JunHong, Counseling Teacher

Chef of the night. LOL!

I had the reunion gathering with my colleagues on the next day.
lolllll...Marginal Utility : zero
because I just had the steamboat party with my class 1 day earlier!

I think I just ate 3-5pcs of chicken meat, 3-5pcs of sotong, 1 fishball, 
1 slice of watermelon, 3 slices of orange and a glass of 100 plus.

and I was like, full like hell.
because I don't want to stuff myself with all these food again! :(((

It's so great to see over 90 of us gather around and have our reunion dinner.
and it's good to have so many friends around.
Im still the youngest among all.
oh, there's one PJ teacher, Yong Khang who is also 22 this year.
still older than me!

Who don't enjoy being the youngest?

Have a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!
 Till here.

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