Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello guys!
A quick update from me!

This is the 1st CNY without my granny.
I miss her. We all miss her.
So used to see her around in her house. 
We had our reunion dinner without her this year.
sobs. :'(

CHU 1 : 
1st angpao of this Snake year.
It's from my aunt.
My granny's not around, so my parents are not supposed to give any angpaos to anybody this year.
so, no angpaos from them this year.

CHU 2 : 
 Went to Segamat, my uncle's house (mother's side)
Is it a lil bit weird to have Nasi Beriani and Rendang Ayam during the CNY?
I had em' during the 1st two day of CNY this year.

 Rushed back to Muar for the gathering at night.

taken @ Rockstar KTV, Muar

this is the 2nd family gathering of the year.
We had our 2013 countdown gathering that day, KTV VIP room rate was about RM500++.
and this time, they jack up the rate to RM888 per room. wth?

The Heng family had their Laosheng session in the KTV room.
1st time ever!
Our mini party ended at around 1am.


How's your CNY celebration? :)

p/s : Chinese New Year Resolution : AUSTRALIA!

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