Sunday, January 20, 2013



Junior Middle 1 Ren

Chung Hwa High School Muar! =)
It's my working place!
Im a highschool teacher now! *hohoho,evil laughs*

Yeah, if you're close enough with me, I probably have told you about this.
I've quit my job in KL and came back to Muar since November last year.
I've got a better job in Muar.
No.1 - This is the job that I enjoy moreeee
No.2 - This job offers higher pay than the one in KL, surprisingly.
No.3 - I can save more money in Muar
No.4 - It takes exactly 3 minutes from my house to reach the school. No jam No air pollution No bus!
No.5 - My study plan. This job has the flexibility in time. I don't have to work from 9am-6pm.
No.6 - I love holidays! Don't you think 14 days of annual leave is so so so little for us? :(
No.7 - I don't work for a manager.

It wasn't really a tough decision for me to choose to come back to Muar.
KL is obviously a good place for shopping and have fun.
However, money-wise, Muar is the better choice.
I have my family here, I live in my home and sleep in my bedroom.
The saddest thing is that, I couldn't meet my boyfriend often Again! :/
ahh. sad x 1000000000000 infinity.

I have my own plan for myself.
1. Buy a car
No sponsors from parents or whoever. Just me and my own money.
Fingers cross and cross and cross!
I wanna make it by this year. It's a must!
2. Get a Master
I wanna get it done by the age of 25. but it seems that my principal is not gonna let me do it this year.
so...I probably have to postpone my study plan to the next year. fml.

Im the form teacher for Junior Middle 1 Ren (JM1 Ren).
This is the 1st handmade gift for my students.
JM1 Ren is a good class. Big thanks to the principal who actually let me to handle a good class.
Otherwise, I die. I would seriously die.

It's going to be my 4th week in school.
I am still adjusting to the life in an independent high school.
Thankful that I have a bunch of crazy colleagues with me.
Will update more about my work. or probably my students!
They're soooo cute and they are so capable to make me laugh.
Hopefully I can show you my favourite kid in the class too!


Kaitlyn Emily said...

Hi! I know this is a long while after this post.
But I wanted to know how can one apply to go into CHHS as a teacher? English teacher. :)

Thanks for any reply. :)
Any help is appreciated

wendy heng said...

Hey, I just happened to read this post and I saw your comment!

Come join us! I think we are still looking for English teacher. You can try to call our principal, or our school. They will assist you :)