Sunday, September 30, 2012

#Sri Manjung #Lumut #Sitiawan

Weekend is over.
Im back to KL. :(
Sunday blue, Monday blue, everyday BLUE.
argh, I wanna go back to my study life! :'(
I don't mind having combo exams/FYPs/tonnes of assignment.

Our company latest direction : a new store opening in Sri Manjung, Perak, in this coming December.
my team went over to Perak last week.
the building is still under progress, and it is kinda similar to the one in Bandaraya Melaka.
basically we went over to Sri Manjung is to feel the atmosphere and do some market survey.
It's a little town, so much lifeless than Muar I must say.
Why they don't open one store in Muar! =/

Our competitors are just 5-10mins nearby to our store.
The street is somehow,dead, with no cars at the main road.
Let's see how it survive in this 5 years, aite!

Okay, meet my colleagues!
Leena Lee & Suki Wong!
Suki is also a MMU-ian, but she's from Cyberjaya campus! same batch with me!
it's so surprising that we have some mutual friends in FB. XD

As usual, we reached the hotel at night. =(
I was the bus leader in this entire trip, my turn!
so, I have to make sure everybody back to the bus on time, and do the headcount everytime.
 and I've to make sure they check in accordingly with their partners.

and big thanks to the Hotel manager Mr Vincent for the welcoming refreshment! ;)

 beautiful beach, beautiful pool, beautiful night.
so, we made full use of our time! :p

Somehow, we feel like having some kind of vacation at the resort. lol :p XD

Guess how old is she?




she's 30.

I wanna I wanna I wanna be young forever.

We tried on the timer too!  :D

lalala im still the youngest XD

much thanks to the guy from Shanghai for getting us a blur picture. =X


Orient Star Hotel Resort @ Lumut!
It's located very very near to the Jetty to Pangkor Island!

Our hotel room is fine.
it comes with a balcony! so romantic! XD

Next visit will be in the November, I guess?
hehehe. ;)



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