Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Penang AGAIN!

 Toyota Estima is cool. XD

September, Im still in my probation period.
Lucky enough to be able to experience the so-called "Business Trip". :P
Business trip is ALL ABOUT FOOD. LOLOL.
Went to Seberang Prai/Bukit Mertajam & Penang to visit our suppliers' factory last week.
and I can see rich guys spend their money like water!

Due to the P&C policy,
I would say this company is one of the biggest suppliers in my workplace. X)

it's not a manufacturing company.
They buy goods mainly from Thailand, and sell them in Malaysia.

so, it really based on their instinct and wisdom to choose the products.
Once you have both of the criteria, you may be able to drive a Mercedes or Estima or at least, a Camry! :P

Okay, basically I love to see beautiful cars and beautiful ladies.
and I come out with a simple conclusion.
Rich guy always drive beautiful car.
and he's not necessarily to be handsome, but his wife must be elegant and beautiful. 

Cross over to Penang Island as the supplier wanted to show his shop at the Straits Quay.
CCTV is everywhere in his shop.

Because of the brand of his plates and bowls and glasses.
for example, the Versace, price range is about RM300++ to RM2000++.
damn, I want to be rich like them can! :P

"main idea of having this shop is not to make money, we want to create some idea & concept to people"

Ahh. I want to talk in sucha rich way. :'(

Dinner @ Delicious!

Rich people eat in rich way, too.

the tempting dessert.
4 of us shared one.

it's some sort like the dessert that I tried in the Harvest@Malacca with Ziyan and the gang.
very very similar.

My main course : English fish & chips 
RM 32+++

and my fav drinks, Orange Juice!

around 15 of us ate something like this.
around 1k for dinner? :-/

 love the Straits Quay ALOT!
it's so similar to one of the tourist site at HongKong!
where we can see all the private boats.

the scenery of the night is nice, the atmosphere is good.
so, don't forget to visit Straits Quay if you visit Penang! XD

Checked in to the hotel around 10.30pm.

xoxo. BED!

Next day, another supplier!

the main supplier for plastic wares & water bottles.
it is a manufacturing company.
no Mercedes in the company, but an Audi! LOL :P

and I get a chance to actually see the manufacturing process of the water bottles/plastic food containers.
from how they mix the colour powder to how they blow the plastic into a water bottle.

Lunch @ Thai restaurant.

it's good to be there.
you gain knowledge and you gain experience.
take it slowly.

I convinced myself.  =)

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