Monday, September 17, 2012

It's my birthday! :)

This, was taken in last year.
god, time just flies.
I celebrated four years of my birthday in MMU.
I was neither a cake lover, nor a person that celebrates her birthday every year.
To me, birthday is just like any other day that shows that I am still alive. :p
No birthday cake is fine ; and birthday song is awkward for me.
A simple dinner with family on my birthday will do.
not until I entered MMU.
I got a boyfriend who celebrates with me, I got a bunch of friends who plan for my birthday.
There were birthday cakes around me. I mean cakes.
cakes from boyfriend, friends, and housemates.
Birthday song sang by friends, or even the singer in a cafe.
So, I was spoilt.
birthday cake matters, birthday songs matters, too.
without em', YOU ARE SUCH A PITY. lol.

but thank god, when 12am strikes, boyfriend called.
he sang the birthday song to me! TWICE! XD
so, birthday song, checked!

A lunch treatie by my colleagues!
went to Ichiban Ramen for lunch!

was being forced to take this.
sorry about the flower. hahah.

that wasn't my portion.
I had the Kimchi fried rice actually.
kimchi kimchi~ huhuhu.

cheers to our friendship, girls!

a lil birthday present from the boss! ;)
thank you!

wishes from the colleagues!
Domo Arigatou!

Dinner with boyfriend at Secret Recipe!
hoho, chocolate indulgence! 
birthday cake, checked!

Thanks for the treat baby!
you know I appreciate everything that you do for me. :)

Birthday falls on Thursday this year. It's a working day.
so, boyfriend brought me out on the Sunday!
He asked me to choose, whether to go for Japanese or Korean food.
and of course, I chose the Korean! :p

Uncle Jang @ Puchong! :D

it opens at 12pm, we reached before 12.
so, we were the 1st customer that day! hahah.


This is the 1st time ever for me to try on this.
so tastyyyyy! :P

another type of korean local food which consists of chicken chop,sweet potato,cabbage,mushroom and the Dduk Boki(rice cake).

nice nice nice.hehehe.

and of course the side dishes! their Kimchi is good!

I love Kimchi and Dduk Boki ALOT. lolll.

Went to my fav place after lunch.
Sunway Pyramid! :)

love you! :)

catch a movie @ tgv.

 A all-uncles movie,  LOL. XD

I didn't buy anything personally for myself in Sunway that day. :(
but we buy something for his eldest sister! 
she's going to get married soon, so we bought a lil present for her!

 a necklace with a beautiful pendant! :)
we were literally broke after buying this. hahah.

We get a card in Popular Bookstore and we Borrow the pen from Popular to write all our wishes before we pay. :p

thank god that we didn't get caught? XD

short & simple date is all I want.
thanks! :))

p/s :

A Birthday Angpao from dad&mom! :D

An Ipod Shuffle from boyfriend!

3rd Anniversary present from boyfriend. lol!
our Anni falls on June you know, June! 
He just got the chance to pass the present to me. :/

Short holiday is over.
am going back to KL after few hours. :(
Tuesday BLUE! :'(

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