Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bonjour August! :)

Just as what you see in my FB, probably, you know Im good. =)
I enjoy my work, and I enjoy my life in KL.
I am a big girl now, so Im fine here because I can count on myself.
not because of my boyfriend or whatsoever.
I get a lil pissed off when people relate my job here to my boyfriend.
I come to KL for work, not for my boyfriend, and certainly not for the sake of dating.
So, next time, when you want to send your regards to me,
please don't ever include your conversation which relate my job to my boyfriend.
for example, congratulating me for being in KL because it's nearer to him, or asking me am I dating with him, or why am I not.
shhhhhh, don't probe, before I ask you to shut up! :D

Went to Ipoh & Penang during the second week of my work.
Aeon store visit!
went to the two Aeon in Ipoh, and two Aeon in Penang.
consider lucky! I join the company during the peak season! lol.
so Im able to see & learn alot in this retail industry. :)

Stay in Vistana hotel @ Penang. all sponsor by company for the twenty of us.
haha. we were like going for a vacation! XDD
2 in a room. We stay at the highest floor.

live like a boss

next day~

a very high calorie breakfast. lol.
so much temptation =/

1 funny thing is that,
our Japanese boss greeted us with "Morning" in Cantonese!

it's August now.
It's gonna be a month for me in the company.
time just flies!

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