Monday, July 9, 2012

✈ Let's Fly : Day 4 & 5

DAY 4 :
6.30am in the morning, Shenzhen.
This is so different from Malaysia!
Sunrise at around 5.30am in China. so 6.30am is totally like 8.30am in Malaysia!

buffet breakfast again. Nom Nom! =)

meet our funnnnyyy tour guide!
love her lottttts, she's just so friendly & talkative! :p

oppps, I don't have any photo with the HongKong tour guide.
he's nice too. I can't believe I OPEN MY MOUTH TO SPEAK CANTONESE WITH HIM.
he just made us to. X)

Day 4 was the last day for us in Shenzhen.

yeah yeah, I was a foreigner when I was back in Shenzhen & HongKong! hahahah.
The immigration hall of Shenzhen and HongKong provide different path-way for foreigners and the China citizens/HongKong citizens.

So, we used the foreigners lane alllllll theeee wayyyyy~
huhu, foreigners.
please let me imagine that im a American Born Chinese(ABC) or maybe a Korean for just one second. :p

 took a 50mins train back to HongKong.
can't wait to go back to HK actually.

yeah. because of the Disneyland!

we reached at around 11am. super hawtttt i must say. =(

hehehehe =))

it's a dream-come-true :')

thanks dad!

the streets are more or less the same as the Universal Studio.

Castle! I want one too =(

first stop of the day! Cinderella Carousel!


my mum says HI! XD

2nd stop, it's about Mickey & Donald Duck!

4D show.
even my dad & mom love it! hahah.

Jungle River Cruise was the next!


We thought it would be just a normal boat riding.
but we were wrong. we were so wrong!

All those water splashing effects and fire burning effects are just fantastic!

Elephants which are so real that they can lift their trunks splashing water to us.

Ah, rhinos attack!

Disney is brilliant. They made a usual boat riding to an unusual one. BRAAVVOOO!

Then we went to the small small world!

We were on a boat, sight-seeing! :D
We can see all these cute lil dolls dancing all the way.

It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all,
it's a small small world~

this song is being played all the way until the end of the journey.
I feel like I got back my childhood memories! ;P

We went for some outdoor activities before we headed for lunch!

We were driving in HK!
yes, the five of us, including my parents! X)

Drive like a boss

Then we went for the indoor roller coaster in Disneyland.
both of my sisters sit together and I SIT ALONE.
damn, that was my 1st time.

and I was scared.

lunch! pork-chop rice!

HKD 70++, which is RM30+++

The food in Disneyland is expensive! =(

 Wan Ton Mee, HKD 60++

bought 1 bottle of Sprite & 1 bottle of ice lemon tea, HKD 25 each.
convert yourself..

fork & spoon!

We nearly missed this.
Road show @ 3.30pm.

Dumbo, the flying elephant!

lots of dancers!
they have a really BIG smile on their face!

Winnie the pooh!


Snow White!

Peter Pan and the Tinker Bell!

I took photos with her, at around 12pm! lol.
she just showed up and we all have to que in order to take a photo with her.

the stitch movie characters!


she just walked and stood in front of me.
lol. thankyou! :p

I would say, I have my childhood!
I watched all of these cartoons movie before.

Mickey,Minnie,Donald Duck,Goofy,Winnie the pooh, Dumbo the flying elephant,
Snow White & the 7 dwarfs, Cinderella and the fairy godmother, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, toystory and the stich.

ahhh, my lovely childhood.

Right after the road show, we headed for the indoor theather!
watching the lionking- Simba! =)))

It's like a musical show.
it's so exciting with all the fighting actions and dances.
perfectly done.

Next, the toystory land!

it's full of the outdoor activities.
we played two. the spring dog and the parachute!

okay I got these pictures online! :D

so we sit on the parachute, and then the parachute rise into the air.
then come down in a fast speed.

but not as fast as the Genting one.

Lastly, the adventure of Winnie the pooh!

We que so so SO LONG for this.

Adventures!!! =)

visited the Disney store!

sisters bought something there before we went for the fireworks!

Fireworks @ Disneyland @ 8.30pm.
Our Mr.Tour Guide asked us not to stand too close to the castle.
and yeah, we stood far away from castle and we saw the fireworks very very clearly.

10 mins of fireworks. niceeeeee!

The end of our Disneyland trip.
gonna face the reality.
YES, we are going back to Malaysia on the next day! =((

DAY 5 :

wake up call by dad.
he just came back from his early breakfast!

he walked alone to the street in HK. lol!
and he bought us the breakfast!

yum yum!

check-out from the Stanford hotel.
we reached the airport before 10am.

because our flight was at 11.45am, boarding time was at 11.05am..

so once we were done for the check-in procedures,
we had no time to do shopping at the airport. =((

enjoy the Air Asia lunch very very much.

I miss the food in Malaysia, seriously.
yes, HK food or Shenzhen food is nice, but we are MBC, Malaysian Born Chinese.
so, somehow, we all miss the food in Malaysia.

I don't know why!

Reached Malaysia at around 3.45pm.
safely reached! hahah.
the end of my HK/Shenzhen trip!

phew, finally Im done with the sharing! ;)

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