Thursday, July 5, 2012

✈ Let's Fly : Day 3

yeah baby, let's carry on with the unfinished story. :p

DAY 3 :
still in Shenzhen, woke up early again. :(
havin' sore throat, therefore I wasn't really able to enjoy the buffet breakfast. :((

1st stop of the day, the jewellery shop in Shenzhen.
famous for its jade and diamond.
Dad bought a beautiful jade ring, Mom bought a necklace, and there goes RMB4400.

2nd stop, Windows of the world! =)

it's a place where you can see all sorts of famous building/places of the world!
for example, you can see the Eiffel tower, the 911 tower in US, Thailand water market, Egypt pyramid and many more.
some were built in real size in which the ratio is 1:1 and some were just 1:8.

weather is hot, plus the venue is too big.
instead of walking, we chose to pay for this.

in case we get lost? :p

it seems big. but you know how big it is when....

when they are in the picture! lol.

the 1st real camel in my life! omg

Flying over America! 
it's some sort like a 3D movie, the different thing of it is that,
not only our seats can move, we can fly!
before the 3D movie start, our seats moved, up in the air!

so, we basically, FLY! lol.

US-Canada waterfall.

okay I must say during this entire overseas vacation,
i appear less in the photos.

the last time I went overseas,I mean China, I showed up in most of the photos.
and I ended up tanned. ==

so, I've learned the lesson.
Weather is hot, I would just stay under the umbrella. lol.

in this case, I would be hoping that Im having my dad's transition glasses!
when he stays indoor, the glasses are just like ours.
but when he goes outdoor, his transition glasses are like the sunglasses, protecting his eyes for the sunlight!

The US!

before 911? XD

Then we went to the Alps - Snow House.

-5 degree Celsius is freezing!

 and we're just sodamn a superwoman.
we were wearing the shorts, you see. lollllll.

play the games inside for 20mins and we ran out.
our nose and fingers go numb. 

the funny thing is that, we were in the snow 5 mins ago.
and 5 mins later, we were in the holy summer! -,-'''


they just went to Paris! ;P

lunch at 1.30pm

not bad! XD

Our next stop was the Splendid China,Shenzhen! :)

See the donkeyyyyy!
omo omo omo!

We were the tourists! :p

Splendid China is a place which is fullll of miniatures building.

miniature! lovely!

This is sucha antic! 

The China's Great Wall, in mini size XD

in Cultural Village! 

guys will ALWAYS be guys,heh?

One of the best thing in life, perhaps? :D


A great show @ 4pm.
I see horsessss! Real horses!

The show is just fantatstic!
it's a story about how the good guys conquer the bad guys in a country!

They showed us all their skills to ride on a horse.
 which is the horsemanship?lol.

They can lie on the horse, stand on the horse, while the horse is running! 
I thought I can only see those in drama, I never thought that I can see that for real! :)

One last show at night.

it's fascinating. all the dances and performances.
my eyes were busy that night! :P

Tiring, but it's a great day in Shenzhen though.
Continue with the 4th day soon! :p

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