Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fun time.Great time.Happy time.

"Nonono, I am not a teacher, call me Wendy."
still, they called me as teacher. hahah.

xoxo =)

It was my primary school, and I feel honored to be able to help. :D 

I was their class teacher.
been thru alot with them.
teachers' day, motivation camp, parents' day, story-telling competition, one-day trip to Pontian&Kukup...
I taught them Chinese & Maths in Chinese and in English.
I had fun. haha.
their class teacher went for the maternity leave. so I basically handle everything for them.
their attendance, their homeworks, their results, their class cleanliness, everything.
when they argue with their friends, I say : IQ 要高,EQ 也要高。
when they fail to study hard, I say : 你要用劳力做工,还是要用你的脑力?
when they asked for shortcuts in doing things, I say : 我要教你们怎样钓鱼,不是教你们怎样吃鱼。
when they talk when Im teaching, I say : 你尊重别人,别人也尊重你, Respect is earned.
when they did not submit their homework, I say : 没有做功课的,出去外面拉耳朵,20下!全班一起算!
when I want them to pay the school fees, I say : 明天通通带钱来交,我不是大耳窿,不要给我一直每天讨钱。
when they talk in class, I say : 讲话,再讲,成绩就会变好。
when they fail to obey the rules, I say :上体育课没有穿体育衣的不用去体育,留在课室打扫,不然我给你们补习。
when they did not do their homework, I say : 你们要做不要做是你们的事,我已经读完书了,考试的是你们,不是我。
when they complain about too much of homework, I say : 我是疼你们才给你们多多功课,你们做多,我也是改多,我也很惨。
when their calligraphy exercise book is so smelly, I say : 谁的墨汁那样臭?!!!!

LOL, I can really be naggy, Sometimes.
and what makes me proud is that, they listen to my advice and they told their parents how much they like me.
they understand what I taught to them.
they remember by heart.
thanks for all the presents before I leave, dear.

and Thank you for being with me for the past 1 and a half months? =)
I spent my holidays wisely this time! ;)

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