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✈ Let's Fly : Day 1 & 2

Hong Kong. 
much love to that piece of land. it's beautiful, really. :)
you know I used to watch lots of Hong Kong drama. never thought that I can have sucha chance to visit the place so soon.
and now I feel so great that, yeah I've been to Hong Kong! =))))
Kowloon, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tshui, Mong Kok.....
I've been to those places that I used to hear in the dramas! :p

DAY 1 :
Air Asia ; flight @ 7.10am.
we went into the plane at around 6.30am. 
reached Hong Kong around 4 hours later, which is about 11.00am.

Once we reached the HK International Airport,
we all need to take a train to the arrival hall of all visitors, for all the immigration & baggage claim.
well, it's brilliant.

Met our tour guide right after we checked in.
We kinda forgot the fact that we are in Hong Kong, everybody SPEAKS in Cantonese.
so does our tour guide. lol. -__-''

had our lunch at the airport.


 exchange rate : RM1.00 = HKD 2.40 (somewhere around 2.4)
it's similar to the exchange rate for Spore-Malaysia.
Our money is bigger, but the thing in HK is expensive. ah.

HKD 35, which is around RM15 in Malaysia.

Curry Chicken ; HKD 42.
convert yourself. hahah.

Tour guide brought us to the hotel right after the lunch.
Stanford hotel, located in Kowloon.
it's located in a busy street, very convenient for us as we can easily get to the food. hoho.

Our room in Stanford hotel for two nights.
stayed with my sisters! ;) dad and mom were in the other room.
so, this is our heaven at night! XP
according to the tour guide, everything in HK is expensive.
this includes the hotel rates in HK.
non peak season, the hotel rate is around HKD 500++ ; while in the peak season, the hotel rate can be up to HKD 1000++ per night.


moneyyyy. im a money face. XD

The Ladies Market, 5 minutes away from our hotel.
opens from 12pm to 11pm.

clothes, bags, phone covers, souvenirs, and etc.
similar to our Petaling Street in Malaysia! ;)

it's a loonngggggg street, I basically went for 3 times to do a complete shopping in there. LOL!

dad and mom in Ladies' Market

their car plate

cute buses! just like what we see in the drama!

taxi! exactly the same in TV! :PP

4.00pm. our night tour get started.

First stop of the day : Avenue of stars
located along the Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui.

I would say the real scene is way more convincing than this picture.
it's too beautiful.

along the walk way, there are the hand prints and autographs of famous actors and actress in HK.
for example, Jackie Chan :D


then we went to the Madame Tussauds in HK.
yay the wax house!

 Bruce Lee

A dream-come-true for my dad.
he loves Bruce.

Michelle Yeoh

Andy Lau and mom?!

he's mine. love ya. :P


and his enemy, Saddam Hussein X)

AH, we met Lee Kuan Yew too :P

This is so real, heh!

this is funny, hahaha.

IP Man!

Mommy met his Bollywood boyfriend =D

Shakespeare, woot


Yao Ming

I manage to play the golf with Tiger Woods! :P

my Edward.

im effing old short and ugly. 

 so he got away with her. T__T

I was so sad, so I play with the piano, to forget all the painful memory.

I was able to enjoy...
but not until they join.


who is the best pianist? ;p
me, joyce or my dad?


beautiful, isn't she?

Elvis Presley!


Did I mention the Madame Tussaud's located up at the hill?
so after visiting the wax house, we are able to enjoy the night view of HK.

HK is just so beautiful.

Didn't get to take any of the night-view picture of HK, but they are all in my memory.
so beautiful, its beyond words.
Seeing is believing. you gotta see them on your own. seriously. =)

the best thing about HK is their wifi service!
they have the wifi almost everywhere! I basically online at their airport, hotel, tourist site, and restaurant,lol!

DAY 2 :
wake up early almost everyday.
3 of us sharing a bathroom is hell, cause we are GIRLS! XD
we had the Dim Sum for breakfast.

Uncle and his family are from KL! ;)

The Dimsum are more than this.
more than 10 types of Dimsum that day. so satisfied ah. XDD

We spent half of the day in HK that day, before we take the train to Shenzhen.
first stop was the Repulse Bay.
It's just like any other beach, but it's the statues that make the place extraordinary.
There is a story behind it to explain why there are so many statues at the beach.

This is because, people feel safe to see the statue of their god while they're fishing/swimming,
so people started to build more and more statues beside the beach.

A must-do thing at the place. touching the God of Fortune!
there are the rules on how to touch the statue, you have to use your right hand to touch, instead of your left one.
in Cantonese, left side is Zo, if you use the left hand to touch the statue,
means you're stopping the fortune, zo ju sai.
if you understand Cantonese. haha.

it just slipped my mind that I can't touch with my left hand. :(

Then we went to the Hong Kong Zhai / Hong Kong bay.
where we take the boat to see the fishing boats in HK. :D

hate the hot weather =(
my youngest sis did the best precaution you see. lol.

other than the fishing boats and the people that live in the boat, we can also see this kind of private boat.
and guess what, this is Jackie Chan's private boat! 

told cha, everything in HK is expensive.
same goes to the Parking fee of the boat.
it's a Million a year, a Million of Hong Kong Dollar.

I want to be a Millionaire so freaking bad :(

We left HK around 12pm to Shenzhen,China.
It's troublesome to carry all of our baggage from HK to Shenzhen, so we left our giant baggage in Stanford hotel, HK.
They charged us HKD10 for each baggage.
we hand-carry some smaller bags to put our clothes for the 2 days in Shenzhen. :)
This is because we need to take the train for 50 mins to Shenzhen.
and we need to go thru HK immigration as well as the China immigration.
Really thankful that we did not bring any of the baggage, as we can see how tiring it is from the family from KL.

we have another tour guide when we were in Shenzhen. love her!! =)

we were brought to the shopping street right after lunch.
1st day in Shenzhen was light & easy. shopping & eating! :))

Everything in Shenzhen is cheap! you know RMB, the currency in China.

back to our hotel after dinner.
Royal Century hotel. big BIG LOVE!
we're on the 16th floor, the highest floor in the building.

super king size bed! omg
compare this to the HK Stanford hotel.

This is just sooooo much bigger than that!

a see-thru bathroom!
this picture is taken outside of the bathroom.

love this spacious, queen-type of bedroom!
two nights in there makes me feel like im a real queen! ;P

I still make her showing in the pictures somehow.

girls~ lalala.

there goes my Day 2.
Day 3 to 5 will be continued in the next post. heheh.

I know you're tired of reading.
Let's rest! =P

to be continued......

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