Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two - and - Eleven :))

two years & eleven months ;
and I still love you. =)

it's really sweet to see him come over for me, everytime.
Quote something from Daphne Charice :
"We went thru 2 years of clouds, rainbows,thunders,rains and sunshine."
I did ,or, we all did.
In case you don't know who is Daphne, please google her name now.
you are so outdated, than me. :p
Daphne and Chuckei. They are my favourite. Especially Daphne.
I just love to read about her. ;)

By-the-way, Thank you! :P
he's the one who wanted to buy a Tupperware Eco Bottle.
but lucky me!
I get one too, in PURPLE!

Merci Beaucoup.

Avengers @ DP. ah the hulk! RARRR.
too much of aliens movie nowadays.
Give me a break! I want some romantic love story movie can! :p

Love the hulk the most! X)

Dataran has got a new 6D Motion Theater. and we tried! :)
RM11 per person if not mistaken.
I wouldn't say it's sux, but you know, it's not-so-good. =O

Went to Jonker at night. Big crowd, as usual. :(
boyfriend stopped me for buying this in dataran.
cause he thinks it's childish & expensive. =(
but he finally say yes at the end! hehehe.

told cha, im a recent Rilakkuma addict.
Rilakkuma is so cuteeee!
Most of the sellers are selling it at around RM29-RM35 in Dataran Pahlawan.
but I got the same one at just RM15!

Short & simple date.com

See you next month.
and that will be our third anni~ =))

p/s :
 Starbucks! ;)

bought this while buying for the Frappuccino that day.
product of USA. nice one.
love it!

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