Friday, May 25, 2012


Yes, this is the 1st message that I sent out after my last paper.
to my dad & mom. hehehe. ;)

I got a date at 12.30pm. with my girls, AGAIN!
Nichole babe always come up with good suggestions.
there we go, the renovated Wazen!
Japanese fooooooood!

Wooooo~ my terriyaki set. 

My pretty ladies.

My all-time buddy!
Kindergarten to Primary to Secondary to College.
She's the only one. =D

I've been to the Wazen once, which is before its renovation.
This is the second time, and I still feeling good about it.
Nice food, nice atmosphere, nice customer service. 

and it happened to be meeting goh pohchuan and the gang in Wazen too. LOL!
everybody is heading to the town for celebration heh!
The funny thing is that Im so gonna meet the gang again at night! X)

A lil shopping in Dataran Pahlawan after lunch.
and hey, meet my Rilakkuma external charger!

lalala~ Im a Rilakkuma addict recently. @__@

you know, iphone battery.
it wouldn't last whole day long if I use it continuously.
so I think I need this! :)

bought it randomly at dataran pahlawan and Im lovin it!

charge the external charger & recharge your phone with this when the phone battery is low!
7 adapters inside. it's not just for apple products! ;)

Next, who doesn't know Starbucks is having the Frappucino promotion at 5-7pm?
yay I tried! 
I can't really take much in caffeine stuffs, so I choose the chocolate one instead of the mocha one.
not bad. but it's too much for one person. =/

I tried on the Starbucks when the girls were doing this.

the nice but expensive one! :P

6.30pm. Dinner @ Simply Fish with the Foundation gang!
Mixx @ 10pm.
manage to play with the camera before going into Mixx.

 with Jenn! :))))

Okay. it's all about Mixx now.
I am not a drinker, I feel drunk easily.
but I love to tag along whenever my friends go to the pubs.
I don't know why, haha!

As you can see, our outfit is totally not for clubbing. LOLOLOL.
yeah. I got a call from goh pohchuan(PC) the night before the exam.
he asked me to join their gang for the gathering, and I said yes.
That would probably be the last gathering with them. 
I think I would regret if I say no.
Nichole babe & Sinhwee joined at the very last minute.
so we did not drive back for the clothes.

you know I always hoping to see something, something more exciting.
the places that I went before wasn't so exciting like this.
we went to the Paradox in Mixx. there are DJs inside! omgggggggg!
and the biggg screen in there!
it's totally a WOW for me.
nice one, Mixx!

I don't feel drunk that day. 
we didn't go for carlsberg or heineken.
in fact i don't know what did I drink. =_=
it's something called black label?

I have no idea.

 ugly photo No.1
I can't remember when did we take this picture,
but we did. XD

and im still wondering why sinhwee looks soooo happy! XDD

I wasn't so high.
not until I meet them.
yes, PC and the gang! they are basically crazy, and I get crazy with them!

my buddy! :)

Thanks for asking me out with you guys. Really!
you guys are insane, and I didn't know that so much insanity is in my body too!
I can be insane as well! heheheh. :P

gonna miss the days that we talked alot, gossip alot when we walked back from mmu to ixora.
that's where friendship happens!
I am slow in making friends, and he's one of the guys that I can really talk to!
and I don't care what others might feel, but I cherish this friendship hell lots! :)

 with Waikiat and PC =)

Chinyang is drunk? XD

Daisy with Shawn and Liping

Okay, in the last picture, the foreign guy, he is Morteza.
know him because of PC.
they're sucha gay partners!

A great day and a great night for me.
Thank you, guys!

not sure when are we going to meet again,
but Im sure that, in someday, we will meet up again! ;)
Take care.


Farah Granger said...
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Farah Granger said...

lovee rilakkuma.. may i ask what is shop name in dataran pahlawan that you buy that external charger ?