Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 girls in the house!

Feel so dead after exams.
Ahh. was busy lately.
tell you more about it soon. :D

had a great outing with my girls right before the final examination starts.
should have posted this earlier. =/
yes,12345. Sinhwee - Nichole - Hanwee - Mayfong - Me.
Our 1st stop was the Harvest Spot. Italian Food XOXO!

Ziyan, Sinhwee & I ordered the same kind of chicken chop, with the mushroom sauce.
Mayfong's one was the cheese-baked rice!

Side Dish - Italian style of fried prawns&sotongs! LOL!

Zan Zan, Dessert of the night!
Chocolate Lava!

What I must say is the price for these Italian Food is affordable & the food is good for me.
thumbs up for you, Harvest!

Home Lounge was the next.
None of us knows the way to get there. so GPS was our best buddy of the night. 

my mango ice-blended, yeah~

was able to sing-k in Home Lounge. lolllllll.
drinks + Sing-k = WHY NOT? :P


They had fun heh XD

We left around 10pm from Home Lounge. 
A random place was suggested.
I couldn't tell you what exactly is the place, but it's somewhere around Stadhuy.

"Photo-shooting" session ended after 12am. fuh!
more than 200 pictures in my phone. totally insane!!!
but it's a very nice memory for us though. =)

Next morning?


Im not good in expressing myself.
perhaps inherited from my dad. XD

but what I hope all my friends to know is that,
once friends, you're forever my friend.
regardless of if you were boys or girls.

that's it.
as simple and as easy as that.

friends . forever.

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