Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sushi King Bonanza!

soooooooo muchhhhhhh satisfaction! :)))

Sushi King Bonanza is back!
woolala~ for Penang, Perak, Kedah, Malacca, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Johor,
the bonanza date falls on 2-5th of April.
so, we went to the new JJ just now! ;)

20 plates, which means each of us takes around 6-7 plates of Sushi in average.
ahhhhh dammnnnn full lah.
we didn't que for an hour or two.
Everything goes so perfectly, not until we paid the bill.
we were kinda surprise with the amount of the bill, cause as you can see in my picture, we ate 20 plates. 
ya, you can count now. :P
19 multiply with RM2 = RM38
one more plate is around RM5+, so RM38+5sth=RM43+
A total of RM7+ of taxes, so RM43+7sth=RM50+

However, the bill = RM54++
we were confused, so I double check with the amount of the plates stated on the bill.
The bill stated that we ate 22 plates. dafuq?
so we went back and made things clear.
They counted the number of plates from my picture and return the balance for us.
now... Who says taking pictures of the food is annoying?
It might just help you in another way! =D

Money doesn't matter that much, it's the act that matters the most!
God knows that kind of mistake happens accidentally OR NOT.

My advice?
counter-check with the bill & the pictures that you have taken!
We have to make things right! :)

These are all imperfections.

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