Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sisters! :)

Sisters! :)
It was supposed to be a small visit to Tanjung Emas,Muar for my youngest sister's folio/school project.
She needa takes some photos of the surrounding of the place.
but we ended up with the photos that we find ourselves in them too. GG!

Tanjung is some sorts like a recreational park,
where people bring their kids to the playground, boat sight-seeing, jogging and etc.
I must say there're lotsa swings/slides/stuffs that we use to play when we were still young.
and we were able to find a piece of land where no kids are playing the swings.
so we ended up with this.

21 vs 14.


It was actually my idea to play with the swing.
you know a part of me is kinda like an adult now, but a part of me is still acting like a child!
and I can't really remember when was the last time that I swing so high like I can really touch the sky. =D 

so, I risk my life for being scolded/caught as Im sucha overage adult,
I still play the swing like no one cares! :D

Dad used to bring us here when we were still young.
he pushed us from behind, so we can touch the sky!

all in specs!
Im ugly and I know it. =D

who cares!
afterall, I really did have a happy moment with my sisters that day! :)

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