Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday, Roomie!

Daisy Wendy Szemin ; Shuhui Shihui Sinhwee (omg, all the Hui's!) =P

Mini Birthday Celebration with our Daisy!
hehehehe, her birthday falls on every 10th of April.
We decided to have a mini celebration with her on 7th of April, Saturday!

Dong Seoul, the one and only Korean Restaurant in Muar, I guess.
it's always great to see improvements in Muar! :D
This is my 2nd time to have my meal in Dong Seoul, and I think the food is nice!
My fav is their BBQ spicy pork & the Spicy Tofu soup. Yummeeyyy! :P

We ordered the Set lunch, which is RM90.00 per set.
it includes BBQ pork, BBQ spicy pork, BBQ chicken, Tofu soup and etc.

We ordered 2 extra dishes : the dduk boki and the pancake.

Dduk Boki!
so, as you can see in the 1st picture, our table is fullllll of food.

It's just a simple hangout with her.
No birthday cake, no birthday song for her.
but we do have the birthday presents for her! hahaha.
I hope she don't mind heh! XD

One last month to be her roomie.
She's the person that I see the most in this 4 years!
yes, I see her often, almost everyday!
much much much more often than the time that I spend with my family in this 4 years.

I think Im gonna miss her! :')

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