Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Share my Love!

I am a noobie!
I am one, and I act like one.
iPhone is with me since Aug 2011, and it is jail broken since the very 1st day.
the PIC(person in charge) suggested me to jail break my iPhone, and I agreed.
Earning my money is easy, cause I never really think much when I spend.

later on, I start to confuse whyth I need to jail break my phone.
cause basically the App store do provide us alot of free apps
for games, photography, social and things like that.
I seriously don't use the jail-break apps such as Cydia or Installous as much as the Apple App store.
so, jail-breaking the phone seems useless to the people like me.

but now, I found Cydia is very very useful!
maybe some/many of you already know the functions long long time ago,
but I just discover all these thing last week! TT___TT

See I can roll my icons? hehehehe.
This is barrel.
download it from Cydia now! :P

and you see my name? No more My Maxis, it's Wendy in the house! :D
The apps is called Fake Carrier.
you can put any name you want!

and the battery!
The original battery is in green colour.
and now it's the zebra stripes! woohoo~
I downloaded & used the Starbucks battery last week. 
but now im in love with this zebra stripes! :DD

Please don't tell me Im the last one to know all these things.
damn! I should be more hardworking like her!
Thankyou very much, Winnaa Goh. :P
happy to be in the same class with you again before we finish our studies! ;)

For those who have the jail-broken phone and haven't download these apps,
hurry up and catch up with me! XD

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