Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Merci Beaucoup!

Thank You Very Much ;
Merci Beaucoup in French.

Yes, I am thankful.
Thankful to God, thankful to my lecturers as well as my FYP supervisor & moderator.

Thank God, cause he hears me.
I always pray, pray deep down in my heart, especially before the results are released.
Im not confident with myself, and I never will.
Im afraid of looking at my own results, say, most of the times.
so, I prayed.
and I always tell him that Please let me know you can hear me.
and He always prove to me that he can hear. :)

Thanks to my lecturers and FYP supervisor & moderator.
I have 4 memorizing papers, 1 calculating paper, and FYP II.
 Im so wanna shout out that, My BOM gets an A!!!!!!
gosh, you know how sux my Maths is, and how nervous Im during the exam.
I make sure I attend almost every classes, every tutorials,
and try again & again on the tut questions before the exam.
Not that Im hardworking, it's just that Im really afraid of Maths subject. FML.
so, Thankyou!
and lotsa thanks to my FYP supervisor, Mdm K for her patience in guiding me. :)
and Mr.TPK. In fact, when I knew he's my moderator,
I burst into tears (slightly) because of my low destress ability.

ahh, anyway, Im happy with my results! yay! hohoho! :p

Thank you. VERY MUCH.
last sem to go. Hwaiting! 

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