Saturday, March 17, 2012

Girls' Night Out!

Wednesday was a ladies night for us =)
much love to our driver of the night : Veeyen!

headed to Tok Su Gong right after our future accountants came back from work.
photos of the food? None. I don't even have a single one. hahah.
we were hungry, and once we see the food, you know. :p
the idea of taking pictures of the food did not exist in our mind for a second. LOL!

dinner ends at 8pm. still early.
so we move to GOGO!
not in a mood to sing though. =(
P-pain sux!

love my Forever 21 stripes top. hehehe. :D
so comfy~

Last sem to be together.
I start to cherish things.
love you all! I really do!

p/s : love my new background song?
it reflects my mood now. 

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