Saturday, March 3, 2012

Boring Kills! T-T

My story about the Langkawi trip is not up yet.
Im still waiting for the Langkawi trip photo though.
A group photo with new friends, and Im waiting that new friend to send me that photo.
Hope she remembers. *pray hard*

This holiday is a reading season for me. =)
I finish reading a Chinese Novel few days ago. omg omg omg omg OMG. =p
HAHA. I feel proud, damn!

I made it!!!!!

You are the apple of my eye.
watched the movie with boyfriend & we love the movie! :)
I decided to read the book, and was hoping Mr.Giddens (δΉζŠŠεˆ€) would publish a English version.
But there isn't any.
The 1st ever Chinese novel that I am so interested & can't wait to read. =D
can't help but feel so sad again altho I already knew they didn't make it in the end from the movie. :'(
They like each other & they were supposed to be together!!
sad. :(

My next book to conquer.

" The Last Concubine"
Epic history & romance, Japan 1865
seems nice, and I'll tell you whether it is nice or not once I finish it!

Just......Wait for me, LOL!

 Cause it's thick like this!
it's alot man!

Another week of holiday.


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