Sunday, March 11, 2012


love everytime when we have a date.
love everytime when we fix a date to meet.
love everytime when we can do things together. I mean anything. Eat, Walk, Talk, Laugh. Anything. :)

It's 11th of March today. 2 years & 9 months with you.
it's hard for us to be together during the 11th of every month. but we did. :D
not because of any special arrangement, it's just so random that, we can be together on this day. hehehe.
I know how hard it is for him to come over.
and I also know that he spends alot whenever we meet.
Spends, in terms of money & time.

so, I always say Thank You to you in my blog.
I know you can see it. :)

Watched The Wedding Diary on Saturday evening, FINALLY.
I wanted to watch this during the exam period, hahah. I mean when it starts showing.
and Im so afraid that I might not be able to watch it after so long.
yet, we still made it.

Not bad after all.
I almost cry when the story of ahniu's father is being flashed back.
no wonder his father keeps wearing the female watch,
no wonder he talks to the watch,
no wonder he still want to grab the watch during the car accident. TT__TT

Dinner in WongKok, and there will go.
Second movie of the day.

 Okay, this is sooooooooooo nice.
cause we didn't expect it to be so nice like this. hahah.

Okay Okay Okay, I have to say, I love blue eyes.
when two of them are having blue eyes, let's compare the body size.
ah, search for Tom Hardy, the right one.
so so so macho.
even YOU like him too,huh! :p

this is a story of love and action movie.
when two secret agents fall in love with the same woman.
seriously, I don't know the storyline before I watch the movie.
so, it's a wow for me.
Love,action, and some laughters.

Didn't do shopping this time.
but it's fine.
as long as im with you, hohoho. :)

still so hard to say goodbye to you.
still have to leave one behind.
still feel so down and tears dropped after saying goodbye. :'(

it's a test for us, as you said.
don't sad because you're leaving, as you said.
let's wait for the next meeting, as you said.

Officially missing you.
am already waiting for the next meeting, hon.

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