Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holiday Mood ON!

Hey baby,
Exam is overrrrrrrrrrrr~ :)

Million Thanks to my parents for coming over to fetch me!
They reached just a short while after my last paper is done!
Thankyouuuu =)

Shopping after dinner, mostly for books! :D
Bought 5 books, 2 rimes of A4 papers & some stationery with that 200 ringgit book voucher.
yeah, am satisfied! 

Got afew vouchers lately.
200 ringgit book vouchers, 20 ringgit Sushi King voucher, 
5 ringgit BBQ Plaza voucher & 20 ringgit Padini rebate voucher.
much love to shopping & eating!

Not sure whether you did or did not receive,
roomie DP and I receive a lovely SMS from Maxis!
Chatime Buy1 Free 1 Valentine specials!
so I tried, and yea, I got 2 Chatime drinks with just RM5.90 =)

am going to the Muar's one&only, biggest ever charity concert tonight!
I put it this way, it is organised by Nam Thien Temple,
and Nam Thien Temple is just behind my primary school,
and my primary school belongs to Nam Thien Temple too.

but my primary school is neither a private-own school, nor it is a religion-based school.
it is just like any other chinese primary school in Msia, 
where you can find malay and indian students studying here too.
it's just that the founder of the school and the temple is basically the same person.

so, Nam Thien Temple & my primary school have some kind of parent-children relationship.
 as a way to support the event, I helped to sell some tickets, and raised 2k of ticket funds! :D

it's gonna be just like any other concert in KL/Genting.
where all the superstars come from Msia, Hongkong and Taiwan,
where all the concert facilities such as PA system, lighting system and concert stage are transported from KL!
Tickets range from RM48 to RM388, 5000 seats available.
Luxury dinner table costs RM50000, where dinner is served while the concert is running!

Tonight will be the night!
Gary Chaw, Im so gonna be there listening 10 songs from you, LIVE! RARRRR~!

will be away for few days.
Langkawi-Pantai Cenang-Penang.
sunshine beach with chalet, see you soon!

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