Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day :)

Long Distance . Breakfast alone,doing assignment alone,alone after work,special days alone. We fight about small things, he always make me cry. We always fight but we fix things. 
We appreciate every second we spend together.

He's also fierce, but he's cute. We sometimes celebrate special days earlier or we don't. :(

Cited from the video.
ahh, a nice video isn't it? :)
I guess every couples that is having a distance relationship would love her video.
cause every single thing that she mentioned is sucha real-life example.

This is the 3rd valentines day of mine with him/without him. lol.
unlike any other couples that meet everyday, we meet once a month.
We can't have our meals together everyday, sitting in the library to study together before exams,
neither can we celebrate special days such as valentines, anniversary or even birthdays on time.
it is so frustrated! =(

Just like any other couples, we sometimes fight over lil things.
we don't call it a fight, we call it as an argue.
sometimes, we are just mad for nothing. I wonder why.
he always makes me cry, and sometimes, it's me that makes him cry.
argues hurt. but argues make our relationship strong.
but he would make me smile back with just a long-lengthy SMS.
and most of the time, his SMS would make me cry & smile at the same time.
cause I know, someone out there, is mine.
that he is willing to lower down his tone, to make me happy,
and he makes sure that I know he loves me, alotalotalotalot.

We appreciate the time being together.
we meet once in a month.
The time that we can spend together is so short.
A lil bit for shopping, a lil bit for movie, and a lil bit for lunch and dinner.
and we gotta say goodbye on the next day.
we always feel sad and wonder why happy time passes so fast.
saying goodbye is never easy.
the worst that I had was the one that I cried so hard in front of him, after Cameron trip.
sad is more than a word for me.
When I cry, he will just be there, standing still and don't know what to say.
I think he is sad too. =<

Anyway, against all odds, we still make it until today. =)
It's so nice seeing his valentines wishes by the way. feel so loved.
Im still waiting for you to plan a good one for me. :D

Happy Valentines Day.
More to go for us.


๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

happy valentines wendy =)

wendy heng said...

Hey ah chien, Happy Valentines day too! X)