Sunday, February 26, 2012


18th Feb.
I basically came back to Muar for this.
the charity concert. :)

I reached before 8pm.
I was holding the RM388.00 ticket, aka VIP zone. lol.
much thanks to the event organiser though. =)

The 1st group showed up was a band.
and the second one is Eric Lin. :D
No idea who he is at the beginning, but when he open up his mouth, ahh I KNOW THAT SONG! lol.

I must say his real person is much much much more handsome than in the MV! :p
and his live version is so great!

Gary Chaw sang us 10 songs that night, Live!
and FYI, people donate RM20000/twenty thousand, for the charity!
omgomgomg. I want to be that rich too! XP

I sit close enough to see his face, his face expression. and he can see us, and smile to us! *star struck*
he came down to shake hands, but I didn't go and shake with him.
Im shy! XD

Another quality singer.
his Live is so good! nice! two thumbs up!

Next, Winnie Hsin(Taiwan)!

love her!


Ricky Hsiao(Taiwan) is the next!
Another guy that I don't know about him, but I heard his song before! :)
His eyes can't see, he is blind, but he has a great voice! 

A very very famous song

A Hokkien song, a song that he sings for his grandma.
I seriously love this song, and he almost made me cry when he sings this! :'((

And of course, Malaysia's ManhanD - think it in Cantonese " Man Hang D" / slowly walk! LOLOLOL.
Nice song they have!

Im lovin it!
so HongKong feel! :D

Then, Ahniu in the house! LOL.
he is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. so down-to-earth, so friendly!

like forever!
he got a great support, cause every boy&girl, every anutie&uncle can sing with him!

Lastly, our Muar's very own singer.
NAMEWEE! lololol.
okokok, I feel proud now. XD
he seems nice in real person btw, not very "ahbeng" lah. haha.

 okay, his live is nice also. LOL.

The concert starts from 8pm to 12am.
Johor Sultan sat in the VVIP zone in front of me. woots.

Great success.
Hope there will be a next time for Muar! ;)

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