Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The XZ =)

It has finally come to an end last week.
now that I know, being a leader is sucha tough job.
your mind & soul will always go for the assignment, like anytime.
I was reallllly worried that I would screw things up.
cause basically, Im the only one that do the things in the blog.
so I needa think for the ideas, for each of the buttons, and its functionality.
I love doing blog but it's not that Im very pro or something,
so Im still afraid of screwing things up.
after all, 30 marks is all based on the blog & report.
I can't afford to risk my members' coursework marks!

but yeah, I managed to set up a blog, with all the buttons and stuffs.
being a one-man soldier is tiring and lonely,
but it still cheer me up when one of my group members did actually send a SMS to me,
and said THANK YOU.
He actually told me that without me, the blog will never be there.
oh yea, so much exaggerated.

Thanks to all of you too. =)

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