Saturday, January 21, 2012

This time is Nichole babe's! =D

This is a tough week.
I had my FYP presentation on Monday 12-2pm.
whereby the 7 of us sat in a room, with our FYP supervisor & moderator.
Each of us was given a 10mins to present, and 5mins for Q&A session.
my name is Wendy, and Wendy starts with a W.
so I was the last presenter of that session.
my hands were trembling, and I felt my heart is gonna jump out from my chest.
before I got my turn, I accidentally saw a message from the lil someone.
It cheers me up and gives me courage. Thanksss! =)

Moderator was kinda fussy sometimes.
am not going to mention his name. shhhhhh. =X
presentation was okay,
but the thing that he suggested me to add in my FYP is kinda dragging me to hell. =((
but my FYP supervisor kinda drag me from the hell on Wednesday, and makes me fly to the heaven.
ohdear, she mentioned about publishing-my-work!
Im not sure whether she Really is going to publish my work, or not.
but it is enough to make my day.
the key person remains as the moderator.
Just don't fail me,aite? ='/

Skip the FYP.
change the focus on the birthday girl. =D
We kinda overwhelmed and preoccupied with the FYP stuffs.
and wrong infos were given, so we postponed Nichole babe's birthday celebration.
it bothers me actually. I wanted to make it earlier for her,
I don't want her to feel disappointed on us, not even for a second.
but still, we have to postpone.
I bluffed her that I've forgotten her birthday, which I thought it's the next week.
so we won't be having the celebration for her.
and she seems like buying my story. hahah.

We make the celebration on Tuesday, with a special guest! :D
went to new jj with our Lecturer, Ms Christine!
Ms Christine & I went earlier that day.
you know, for the sake of the cake. X)
Our celebration venue was Bar-B-Q plaza, new jj.

It's new for me.
good try anyway! ;D

we ordered the Korean style of BBQ.

BBQ pork, Kimchi, lalala~
it was cheap as compared to other BBQ place.
I get to eat BBQ pork, fish, shrimps, bean curds, kimchi, fishballs and etc, with just RM11.

We basically BBQ a real pork.
I still prefer Seoul Garden though.
cause the meat that we eat in Seoul Garden doesn't look so awfully real.

it's not that I say the meat in Seoul Garden is a fake meat or something.
I prefer eating something which are not so Real.
I define Real as this.
for example, those KennyRoger's or Nando's quarter chicken?
it's just like a Real chicken lying on the plate.
Im trying my best to let you understand how I define the Real.

same goes to this BBQ pork.
the pork looks so real.
so, there's a high tendency for me to think twice if you asked me to visit again. =/

 Birthday cake appears!
hohoho, HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY! 

 Don't worry~
It's impossible for us to forget about your birthday babe~ XD

Picture time!

 Ms Christine & us!
Thanks for being our special guest Ms Christine. =DD

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