Monday, January 9, 2012

This is not the last goodbye =)

Let's smile/laugh like this, forever. =D

it was few weeks ago, whereby me & the foundation gangies went for a dinner & some drinks.
this is mainly because our gang leader, is leaving us.
so we kinda like being there for him and say goodbye & take care, in our heart.
It was a great night-out btw.
the only sad thing is that, we did not have any group photos that night, as usual.

Steamboat as dinner, altho it was a unplanned decision.
it was still great enough for me.

Porridge steamboat?

my 1st time ever.
porridge is something I eat once in a blue/green/red moon.
my point is, you can hardly see me eating the porridge.
I assume people take porridge when they sick. =D
so why should I eat porridge when Im not even sick?

but this is okay for me.
it tastes, good.

2nd stop of the night, The Stolen bistro.


It kinda freaks me out when I stepped into this.
it's creepy enough. ~.~''

Just like any other cafes nowadays,
they got their own guitarists, organist & singers.

Orange freeze.
Orange is one of my besties and it would never fail to come to my mind when Im placing order.
so yeah, don't blame me for always choosing oranges. XD

She hadn't really show up in my blog recently.
and you know how much I love her. :DD

ugh, our hair is just Short.
we had our haircut together in D'fino, the one beside U-center,LOL.
This is my 1st time having my haircut without Anson.
and it turns out to be good too.

A group photo is a must now.
since graduating is not too far away from us now. =/

3rd stop, The Library.

This is out of our plan.
we are just following the majority. X)

we went after afew days of its grand opening.
and god, there were so much people in there.

which kinda book are you interested in?

The menu aka encyclopedia.

ahh. love this idea very much!

Anyway, it was just one glass for me. =)

Will not be able to see Eric so often.
ahh. gonna miss him lots!

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