Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meeting old friends!

A picture from my Polaroid apps. =D
it's a long-lost apps, I lost it when I sync my phone.
I finally get this apps back! :)

Had a great/crazy hangout with my lovely friends ; Low Peggy & Lawrence Lee!
they are one of my buddies that I know since I was still in my secondary school.
Peggy was my classmates/schoolmates, Lawrence studied in the boys school aka High School.
but somehow, he still managed to become one of my girlfriends! LOL.

3 of us, 3 hours of Sing-K. hellllllll.
I thought 3 hours is just too much for 3 of us!
but the fact is, 3 hours is just nice. lololol.
we fully utilised that 3 hours in our life! X)

This is because Lawrence showed us her His instant camera! =D
my 1st time ever to see a real instant photo/polaroid! =DD


Instant camera turns out to be fun too!

He is kind enuff to let each of us to choose 1 to keep as memory! haha.

Peggy chose Picture No.1, I chose No.2 and Lawrence kept the last one! :)

another polaroid apps from my phone!
ignore my swollen eyes.
he chose the angle that suits him but not me!

meeting old friends make me feel great!
kinda miss the olden days where we met in school/tuitions/badminton/Interact club functions.

friends forever! :)

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