Saturday, January 7, 2012

It was my very first time!

ah. blogging.
feel so good to be able to blog again.
you know, assignment, fyp, fyp, assignment.
my life was very much about these for the past few weeks.
no kidding for the Delta year.
assignment is Really an assignment this time.

I have no time to blog about winter solstice, so I will do it now. =D
Winter solstice festival.
another Chinese tradition which basically don't celebrate/exist in my family.
so until now, I have no idea why Chinese have to celebrate this day with Tangyuan.
Im too lazy to surf the internet to find out why.
I would be happy if you drop me a comment & tell me why.

Im not sure whether it is because of
my mother who does not know how to make the tangyuan and that's why we don't like the tangyuan
we don't like the tangyuan and that's why my mother don't see the need to make for us.
so I decided to learn.
and I confirm the second statement.
We don't like the tangyuan and that's why there is no need to make it for us. LOLOL.

Thanks to Yiinghui&Sufen,
I did actually able to see the whole process of making the tangyuan. =D

First, pour in the flour-kind of thing.

Add in some water.

Then you gotta use your hands.
Don't worry, this is not me.
Im not good in doing this.
We have only 1 packet of flour, so I can't ruin this. X)

and, it is yucky!!! XDDD

This is not me either.

I only in charge in roooolllling. =D

Even when it's just a rolling job, I still did it poorly.
my tangyuan can easily be recognised.

cause everything I roll in the tangyuan, they overflow.
so my tangyuan are those slightly in brown.
not many of them, but it's most of them.


cooking time!
yiinghui cooked them all.

she's good in cooking, I guess!

delivered the tangyuan to nichole babe & shuting.

Im always one of those who don't like to eat their own cookings.
this theory can always be applied on me.
especially when I see and know the whole-making process.
it makes me feel errrk.
even when people say it is ok and edible, Im still not ok with it.

maybe its because im sux in cooking.
I can never make myself a nice maggie after all.
I can cook, it's just that all i can do is just those dishes which are the simplest one on this planet.
and, im lazy. cooking is fun, but cleaning is hell.
so, Im hunting for a man that I can count on!
guys can cook are always sexy.
remember that!

Tangyuan recipe is in my head now.

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