Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Year! (:

"Long" aka Dragon.
It's a DRAGON YEAR!! =)

Happy Chinese New Year, peeps! :D
Said goodbye to Rabbit year!
In fact, I realised about the Rabbit year when I watched the countdown show yesterday night.
we actually had a Rabbit year huh. X)
I don't know about the sequence, but I definitely know that in another two years time,
twenty-four gonna be. fml.

I wish ALL of you a Merry Xmas, kidding, A HAPPY DRAGON YEAR! :)
get as many angpaos While You Can! XDD

AngPao mari mari~

 yammmmmsengggggg~ XP

I sort of get use to the taste of alcohols already.
The old me was sensitive to alcoholic drinks.
but it's OK for me now. heh. =)

as her wish. lololol.
my 18-year-old sister, Joyce Heng.
annoyingly asking me to take a photo with her.

My sis wanted everybody(5 of us) wear something in RED.
so, I dig out my brand new Padini red stripes tops from my kiddy wardrobe. =D
so I have something in RED!
for the sake of my sister, and my grandmom!
Granny prefer us to wear something Red during cny! :)

**any difference on my fringe?
I had a fringe haircut in Timesquare! :P

Awkward Day 1 was over. yooohooo.
more comfortable to be with my mom's side of aunts & uncles.
put your hands up if you agree with me. hahah.
say yeah to Day 2!

Have A Blessed Dragon Year! RARRRR. (;

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