Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CKY in the house! =D

It's like F I N A L L Y~~ :)
Mr.Chua landed in Muar safely on Saturday! hehehehehe.
kinda unreal when I see him right beside me, in Muar though.
cause we normally meet either in Malacca or KL.

brought him for lunch once I fetched him from the bus station.
we went to the Sweety House Cafe! finalllyyyyyy!
I have been waiting for the day to pay a visit to this cafe cause the theme of the cafe is the HELLO KITTY!
from the front door to its cup & bowl and pillows, everything is so Hello Kitty! omg omg.

Day 1 in Muar was actually a stay-home Saturday.
cause boyfriend was tired, after the visiting to my granny's house as well as the dinner outside.
so, watcha movie will do! =)

This movie makes us laugh like hell.
We kinda missed this movie when it was showing in the cinema.
but still make it at home!

Day 2. I brought him to Wetex Parade in Muar.
lolololol. the BIGGEST shopping mall in Muar. I hope it didn't disappoint you, baby. XD
we skipped the Sing-K this time. but promise me we'll make it next time, okay? =P
bought a new HP casing!
lalala~ boyfriend started to pull me away recently, whenever my head turns to those casing-selling shops.
yeah, I have a mini collection of iPhone4 casings! XP

am now using it!

Lunch was taken in Dong Seoul! =)
yeah a Korean restaurant for K food! 
Dong Seoul is a newly opened Korean restaurant in Muar!
Muar is not the best, but it is getting betta! :PP
 We ordered the sweet & spicy Korean pork belly & Korean spicy Tofu soup =D

The waiter basically did everything for us.
so we do not have to bbq the pork ourselves. 

The meat portion is enough for two of us.
delicious I must say! :P 

here comes our Korean spicy Tofu soup.

The tea tasted good too!

we were served with the side dishes! ;)


The vege that we ate together with the bbq pork. :D
the sauce is good!

RM50++ for all of these.
Mission accomplished!

We didn't order much in Dong Seoul.
The reason behind that was because I was gonna bring him for some other food in Muar. LOL!
I brought him to Tanjung for some rojak.
How was it? Ask him. X)

Food again at night. lololololololol.
His visiting in Muar is all about food I guess? XD

My mom isn't a great cook, hope you don't mind :P

laosheng at home! :)

Rushed to cinema for movie!

The vampires in this movie are still handsome & pretty.
I wonder why the werewolves & hybrids in this movie looks so scary & ugly. -_-'''

overall, the movie is nice, especially this female actress in the poster!
she's so effing chio in this movie. ahh.

the movie ended at 8.30pm.
so I brought him for a lil supper.
food AGAIN. hahahah.
otak-otak & satays! :D

Otak-otak freak! XDD

 it's good to see him coming to Muar without complaints. X)
it's good to see him become good friends with my mom too! 
but when he went back,
my room is empty & my heart is empty.
sobs. :'(

See you soon? honey.

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