Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's our Lil promise ;)

Goodday is Love.

This, is some sort like a promise from him, two years ago, when both of us are still single. hah.
I miss those days, where we chat online, from night to morning. =D
still remember? :)
that kind of joy which we couldn't even describe by words when we see each other sign in to MSN.
where MSN still functioning like a MSN for us. LOL.
nowadays you can hardly see both of us switch on our MSN i guess? XD

We used to chat online almost every night to morning, during THAT PERIOD OF TIME.
He used to sleep late, really late. even until now,he is still a late sleeper. /.\
so we used to chat from night to morning.
ahh. beautiful memory I must say. hahah.
once we are already step into a real relationship,
we can no longer go back to THAT PERIOD OF TIME, isn't it? ;D

Oh btw, the milk.
He and I are both the lover of HL milk.
during THAT PERIOD OF TIME, we used to brag about our love to HL milk.
and I forgot how and why he promised me to buy the HL milk to me.
but you know, during that period, it is really hard for us to keep a promise.
it's towards the end of foundation and he is leaving to Cyber.
as a matter of fact, I seriously didn't expect to end up with him actually. lololol.
but we did. XD

and that promise, end up being forgotten & left behind.
Until Sunday, after we had our lunch in Jusco, we went shopping in the Jusco supermarket.
and I was actually wanted to buy the HL milk.
and he recommended me with this Goodday milk.
out of sudden, he remembered that lil promise that he made two years ago.
and I was like, ya ah, you did promise me to buy a HL to me!!!
but he wanted me to try on this Goodday.
he said since we are the milk lover, I would love this Goodday too.
so we didn't go for HL, but a Goodday. ^^v

and so, a promise that he made two years ago, Checked.

p/s : I will drink it tomorrow! ;)

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