Thursday, November 3, 2011

My iPhone is a Girl like me! =P

Okay, I didn't know that my Canon baby can do me such a piece of art. LOL!
BTW, that's my keyboard. External-keyboard-for-my-lappy i suppose? XD

yayiyayiyay! my iPhone is a girl right now.
see the ribbon on his / her head? =P
I got her a yellow ribbon!


That yellow ribbon is a like the ear cap for the phone.
Purpose for that is to prevent the dust from going into the hole for the earphone.

we don't always plug in the earphone & listen the songs right?
so the dust may go in through the hole up there.
so, the ear cap comes into handy! :)

The ear cap can be used in other phones too!
It's just so simple and cute!
my roomie got one for her phone too! =D

And this is the new phone case that I mentioned earlier.
Lalala, I got afew praises from my friends already!
Happy! =D

Went to the Aerobic Class today at 6.
I missed those badminton days. I love the smell of my sweat. hahah.
Aerobic class let me sweat again! X)

Friday, tomorrow.
No TGIF feeling at all, cause Im having a replacement class tomorrow at 8pm.
booooo. =(

And you know what, It's NOVEMBER already!!!
It's my second last sem in MMU now.
woooow, time, they don't wait.

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