Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Malaysia boleh! :)

Congrats to Malaysia Football team! :)))
Im not reaallllyyy patriotic, but Im a Malaysian!
And I should feel proud to be a Malaysian now I guess?
Happy for you, Malaysia ;)

I heard the girls singing Negaraku in Ixora.
And I was like . . .
I left the Negaraku song in my secondary school.

Having 7 hours class.
Ah. Sad.

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1WORLD a.k.a. aje said...

I saw the whole live telecast but I feel Indonesia is a better team except they didn't have the luck.Malaysia was lucky to have won.I am not being unpatriotic but just plain rational and fair.

wendy heng said...

hahah. i heard some saying malaysia is a little bit more lucky this time. XD