Sunday, September 11, 2011

06092011 . It Was My 21st! :)

Warning : This is going to be a loooonngggggg post. ;)

Hello peeps!
Im back again. =D
and this time, Im so gonna tell you about my birthday,cause IT WAS GREAT FOR ME. :))

Right before the birthday season,
I changed my phone.

Iphone White.
buy it without signing any contract. No strings attached! :)
so,it's around 2k plus.

Was actually choosing between Iphone4 and Samsung SII.
but you know, I've been using Samsung for my life and it's time to make some other choices in life.
So, I choose the Apple! :D

An Iphone case from my sister! ;)

She actually bought this case for me in Penang, and gave me this right before I got my phone!


Mommy accompanied me to get the Iphone that day.
and brought me and my sister to choose for our birthday present.
I am twenty one this year, so I get myself a Key!

and that costs my mom a bomb. LOL.

When I was 18, my mom bought me a pair of earring which Im still wearing now!
and I just came to realise that it was RM200++.
LOL. I never knew that a pair of earring can be so expensive already. LOL.
but yay!
I've got a key for life!!! :P

05092011, birthday eve.
I was havin' dinner with Nichole babe,Shuting,Veeyen and Siao, at the new cafe nearby U-center.
Don't ask me the name, cause I simply can't recall it right now. Retiscafe? Restiscafe?
Ahh,whatever. Doesn't really matter actually.
cause if you asked me out for dinner at this cafe again, I would hessitate for sure.
hmmph,you know,the food and drinks are kinda sux for me. :(
The only good thing about the cafe is the decoration and atmosphere.
coughs, back to the story.
right after the dinner, they surprised me with a cake. LOL.

Let's call it as a snow-white birthday cake. lovely. :)

Presie from Nichole babe & Shuting.
An Iphone case and a cuteeee contact lens case from em'!

Nichole babe's handmade birthday card for me!!! love it loadsss! :)

And actually when I was having my dinner in there, I was disturbed by someone.
guess who? yeah, PJ. =_='''
He sms me telling me he's in malacca and he wanted to celebrate the birthday with me and sing k with me.
and I was like Oh yea? and I replied him : SING IN YOUR DREAM man.
so he called me, and passed the phone to Weekiat to convince me that he's in Malacca.
LOL. great,he's really in Malacca. =,=
So, GOGO at 9.30pm, and it ended around 12.
3 years continuously accompany me for my birthday.Thanks,my beloved foundation gang! ;)

06092011,my birthday.
I got more than three hundred wishes from my friends&family thru sms-es and FB.
and I sincerely feel grateful for that.
You know, one sentence of yours wishing me a happy birthday could make my day! :)
Got a call from my boyfriend in the midnight. and I made him sing a birthday song for mey.

Daisy and Siao were the next surprise on my birthday.
They switched off the light in my room and came in with the birthday song and this,

muffin from Secret Recipe!

They made me to make a wish XD

They asked me to slower down my action so they could snap this XDD

and they presented me with ONE PIECE! ! ! !

Luffy,Zoro,Chopper,Ace,Sanji,Hawk-Eye,White Beard,Hancock!

and of course, Im loving him =D

Thanks for the presie! =DD

At night, I had my birthday dinner with my training mates and collegue in Oriental! :)

Yeah,We went to Sushi King @ old JJ!


I don't when and how and why I start to love Sushi. LOL.

We spent a total of RM100++ on the Sushis and their set meal.

okay, they presented me with two lovely Giordano Tees. dang! I missed them! :((

So, 3 Gang,3 different type of celebration.
A big Thanks & huggie for you guys! !

Mr.Boyfriend came on Friday.
and We went to Sushi King again, simply because Im craving for Sushi Again.
watched The Smurfs in new JJ!

Before we went into the cinema to watch this movie, I've no idea on what the smurfs are they! :P
I know nothing about them and the story of the movie.
All I had in my mind was THEY ARE ALL BLUE.
and Oh-my-smurfs! This movie is so smurfly nice!!! love the smurfs village & all the smurfs in there! XD

The next day, we had this.


Don't you think Final Destination always make us freak out a lil bit after we watch it?

Like what we saw in the Final Destination 3, the roller coaster?
Final Destination 4, the elevator?
and Final Destination4, the bridge?

Those thing happen in the movie can actually happen in the real life, like anytime.

Oh by the way, my 21st birthday present from my boyfriend!

A Braun Buffel purse!!!!!

RARRRRRR! freaking in love with it! =)

Real leather makes me feel good :PP

One thing that I love about the present is that everything is about Braun Buffel!

Look at the wrapper and the card. It's so Braun Buffel! XD

He sent me a birthday card like this every year. XOXO.

So this present actually looks expensive when I look at its packaging.
and feels expensive when I touches the leather.

and just now, I've just got a confirmation from my housemate,Siao.
She says it-is-expensive, and gimme a rough figure on the purse.
and I was like, ohmygod.

So I search online to know more about Braun Buffel, and I found out that it has lots of outlets in places such as:

so,it should costs him a bomb too. :P
promise you to take good care of it! ^^

Cick on this : Braun Buffel if you're curious like me! XP

Anyway, Thanks to my boyfriend for giving me a great weekend! ;)
Thanks for bringing me to A&W tooooo! :P It was like my 1st time been there! :PP
Holding your hand,shopping and buying and and chatting simply makes me feel good.
My life would sux without you!!

and,remember our Daorae deal! hoho! =P

Thanks to all the people that light up my birthday!
I love all of you,okay!

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