Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Ok, Mommy! ^^

Yesterday was a bad day for me. :(
I was wearing red, but it didn't really bring me any good luck while Im wearing it. :((

Went to new JJ with ma family yesterday.
Went for a lil shopping after accompanying my dad to buy a GPS for the car.
I bag in a pair of Vincci shoes yesterday.xoxo!
Padini is havin' their sales right now.
but the moment I see there're so many people inside Padini,picking their clothes at the sales-zone,
I lost my mood, like completely.
I don't like to join the crowd, and I simply don't like the queue!
you know, standing & queuing up and waiting for the turn to pay money, sux.
I just don't have that kind of patient. =D

We came out from the JJ around 5.30pm.
We walked back to the car and my mom was trying to ask me to take my bread.
and while I was talking to her, THINGS JUST HAPPENED SO QUICKLY.
I fell down and it's just sodamn FML.
you know between the cars' tyres, there are some build-up stones to prevent the car to overpark to the pathway.
and hell yeah, I didn't see that stupid parking stone, and I fell down.
shame on me.

The moment I fell down, I don't really feel the pain.
I stood up with my dad's help and went into the car.
I seriously cried like a small girl.
Double shame on me.

My parents were so worried, I can even feel my sis is worried for me too! XD
I couldn't stop my tears and I couldn't stand the pain. HAHAH.
and my mom is feeling so guilty right now.
but nah, it was my fault for talking without looking in front!
so mommy, please Do-not-feel-sorry-for-that. ;)

Oh btw, my wound looks like this. 0_0

Sorry if the picture scares you. X)

My mom actually says that this is the most serious injury I ever had,
cause I never really fell down when I was young!!LOL!!!
cause Im their 1st kid, so they're by my side to protect me when I start walking/running/learning for the bicycle!
and based on my memory, I don't have much fall-down experiences.
so yea, I get this kind of injury when Im almost 21!
one of the most protected kid in the world,maybe? :P

Bobi Bobi so that it won't leave any scars on my leg, yea?
and mommy, It's really ok for me! and don't be sorry,will ya?

I'll be just fine. :)

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