Sunday, July 3, 2011

Im home!!!

SORRY guys.
I've sort of abandoned my blog recently.
my bad. ewwww. :(
I wanted to blog so badly, it's just that Im too lazy & tired to deal with it. =(
so now,it's Sundayyyyyyyyyy!
Another typical weekend for mey.
no boyfriend this week.
but I have my family. ^^v

I drove back from Malacca yesterday afternoon,straight after my work,at 1pm.
I just can't describe how exactly my feeling is to you.
I've been staying in Malacca for more than 1 month without coming back to Muar during the weekends.
and that is just so-not-me!!!
hell yeah,I've always one of those so called PBSM member.
Pulang Balik Setiap Minggu? Something like that, I guess. LOL.
err whatever.

The sense of belonging is all over my body when I reached Muar.
like seriously.
You know when you reach Muar, you'll be seeing a big MUAR words after the bridge?
yea, once Im at the bridge area, I know I've reached my home.
not the real home, but I know I've reached my own piece of land!
yohohoho,it's so good to be home! =D

Being with family is fantabulous!!
Eating,Shopping or even Talking with family can make you feel happy. ;)
Yea,they're the most simplest thing to do to be happy.
believe it or not. :D


If you do watch Channel 8, they're definitely not a stranger to you! XD
they're the actor and actress from S'pore!
Elvin Ng & Rui En.
Curious abt why am I posting them out in sudden?
teehee, my point here is, THEY ARE SHOOTING THEIR NEW FILM IN MUAR!!!!!!! yea,it's true.
Muar is a place of history,too.
So, there are still many historical buildings left behind in Muar.
so, the crew set up the scenes in Muar, so Elvin and Rui En will be staying here until Aug for this drama shooting!!!

seeeeeeeee the big MUAR?
He's really in Muar.OMG

They're shooting a old fighting film actually.
so they need a filming site which is something like what we see in Ip Man.
and they chose Muar!!!
double wow for me.

I've seen Elvin in Pulau Tioman before. Tall and handsome!!!
can I see him for a second time?
oh-dear-God! grant me this! XD

More Info?
his fans site :



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