Monday, July 11, 2011


Date : 25.06.2011

Day : Saturday night

Venue : Le Garden & ALOHA

Photos & a lil caption will do,yea?

Mr Weekiat Ng 21st birthday celebration :D

Weekiat and Eric,Kay,Alvin (from left)

Weekiat & us

I seriously hate flash light to the max. fuh!

Weekiat and Bernard,Dominic and Sim

Beauty & the beasts heh ?

MMU foundation gang representatives! XD

yea,huge crowd. We couldn't even fit into this picture. :(

Okay, I must say he has the most yeng parents among my friends.

ALOHA's taoke & Le Garden's Taoke-neo :P

and of course, do stay sweet with Angela! ;)

woolala, Our lil presie! :DD

Angry Birds! hope he likes em' !

And the following week, it was Mr Eric Sheh's 20th birthday.
We did have a small celebration for him, but too bad we didn't really have pictures with him. :((
you see last year, we all had so much fun at the Klebang area, if I'm not mistaken. =D

But this year, we make it simple.
Sitting around in a cafe & birthday cake surprise & singing the birthday song.
It's our tradition. hahah.
hopefully we'll still be together during his 21st birthday.

ewww. you know, some of us will be graduating soon.
half of us will be leaving MMU, I guess?
so,next year, around this time, I wonder where I am and what will I be doing.
and I don't think it's gonna be that easy for us to gather like this in future anymore. :(

I love my foundation gang, I seriously love them all.
Truly grateful that we were studying in the same class during our foundation year!
so, When I think of losing this bonding/friendship with this bunch of people, I will say :

Hell to the NO!

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