Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a deal

Hi. Do you miss me? XD

I'm back again! =D
today im so gonna show off my lil something.

He and I had a deal.
Right before our second anniversary.
I suggested the both of us to prepare a handmade card for the anniversary.
so, none of us have to crack our head to think what to buy for each other,
And it's going meaningful.
yeah,he agreed and that's a secret deal between he and I. XD

so,he presented me with this.

I truly appreciate this. mwah!

The inner side, they are more than words.
i love his cutie handwriting! :P

He always make me feel warm and touch and sweet.
that's my boy! :PP

my turn.

hand-drawn! XDD


He said this is the prettiest card among those that I made for him.
and that makes my day! yay!

Hey CKY,


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