Saturday, June 4, 2011

I am here again! :D

Hey guys, sorry for the MIA!
Internship has been keeping me so busy and tired all this while.
Blogging is definitely not on my list when I finish my work. :(
but yay, I think I'm good now.
I am getting use to the life/accepting the fact that I've to wake up at 6.30 almost everyday!
I needa wake up early, and I can't skip my work like I skip my classes! LOLOLOL!
So people, studying is always better than working!
you are so gonna agree with me when you start your internship! :D

I am working in the Oriental company.
You might not be familiar with Oriental,
but I guess you do know what Jacker/Rota/Super Ring really is.
ya, I am working in there, in the Export department.
One of the reasons that I stay here to do my training is that I want to learn something.
Better offer is everywhere, what I mean here is the allowance offering.
but going into a company that is having an export department, and let you to have the learning opportunity,it is rare.
So even when the allowance is low,I still made the decision to stay here. ;)
what I want is the knowledge and experience.

In this two weeks time, I already see things in a bigger picture.
Buying a can of Jacker is easy. but behind of it, it's more than just a can of junk food.
Potato Crisps are made of potatoes. Where do they get the potatoes?
they import them from New Zealand. I didn't know that before!
Where do they export their products to?
USA Brazil Korea China Saudi Arabia Madagascar Taiwan S'pore and etc.
some products and products labelling/packaging are highly custom-made for some countries.
Just like the Super Ring, orange in colour, high in colouring.
but for some countries, they don't want the colouring.
so the super ring in their country, is in light-orange colour.
What is Invoice/ Bill of Lading/ Letter of Credit/ Airway Bill?
I learned them in the IB class, but I forget.
so now, I get to apply them in real life.
and that,is business, international business.
that is the profession that I chose for my life.

For once, I hate mathematics.
I guess those who really know me, they know that my maths sux,like seriously.
maths is my enemy, and calculator is my savior. but sometimes, calculator can't really save me, so I still hate maths.
but business, it's all about numbers, everyday is about numbers.
I thought only accounting or maybe banking students will never get rid of numbers.
but no, I am wrong.
Ironically, I can't really get rid of maths and numbers and stuffs like that, at least for now.
so I guess, I am so damn have to be friend with numbers.

People start to think about their future now.
because it's around one more year that we will be leaving MMU.
sad but true.
not that I love MMU so much, but I truly love being a student.
I don't have to think much, as long as my dad supply me with money, I am contented. XD
So now when the people start to tell me about how they plan for their future,
I don't really listen but still fake a smile.
I don't have big dreams and ambition.
I don't plan for my future life.
because what meant to be yours, they will eventually come into your life. =)
I have to fight for my future, fo a better life for sure.
but not now. at least,not now.
I just want to stay like this, where everyone still call me a kid.

I, don't want to grow up.

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