Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parapapapa,I'm lovin' it! :)

Coca-cola glass is back!
LOL,I'm not a fans of this coca-cola thingy, and I NEVER really care about those glasses before.
but emm,when the people around you are crazay about something,
there is a high tendency for you to catch up with the trend.
you know, peers effect. XD

McD is giving away the glass when you purchase any LARGE McValue meal and the Sundae Icecream.
Take note, it's L-A-R-G-E.
and today,5th of May, is the starting day for the glass in Purple!

Those purple-colour-lovers,
Don't miss this out! XD

P for Purple! XD

If I were to choose,
I prefer the one in PINK!

girly-girly heh?

hmmm,19th of May.

Should I?
But I'm sort of anti the meal in Large.
It's too much =/

Wooops, enough for this.
I am not promoting for McD, and you must be thinking that I'm way too free to blog about this.
there is finally ONE day that I do not have to think about my FYP(final year project).
for the past seven weeks, FYP is in my head, almost Everyday.
even when I try not to think about it, my mind just can't stop reminding me that there is something very important for me to complete.
but today,yes today, I submitted my FYP baby.
one copy to the FBL and one to my FYP supervisor. :)
there is actually nothing for me to brag about since tomorrow will be the last day for submission.
but you know, I manage to submit my own work on time, without any delays. :)
that is a bravo for mey! :))

Working for this FYP till midnight continuously.
I slept at 5am this morning. =_=''''
It's crazy,yea,I know!

So, a big meal to pamper myself.


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