Sunday, May 1, 2011

I ♥ M-U-A-R

This is MUAR.
a place where I live for 20 years. X)
I used to think it is small&old&dead.
it is a small place as compared to those big cities.
it is an old town if you're familiar with the history.
we have none of the above.
but I think from now on, I'll be so grateful that I am coming from this place. :)

spent more than 15 hours on the bus in one day. I mean to and fro.

from Johor to Kedah.
the most far away place in Malaysia I've ever been to.
for one good reason; the AIMST University.
not sure whether or not she is going to study there,but emm,we definitely love the Uni environment!
fresh air,beautiful place,quiet and peaceful.
the only concern is, it is way too far from Muar.
how many kilometers away from Muar?
I don't know. :(
and the town is so much smaller/older/dead-er & Dirty compared to Muar. :((
sorry,but emm, meeting Three cockroaches in a day?
NO WAY! @_@

and,We nearly get stucked in Sungai Petani,Kedah.

today is Sunday/LabourDay/Public Holiday.
and told cha,Sungai Petani is a small place.
They don't offer the bus to Muar everyday/every hour ; not even to Malacca. :(((
So,we have to take an express bus to KL and then take another one to go back to Muar.
the driver dropped us at Pudu instead of Tasik Selatan.
and the LRT is a disaster for me if chuakhaiyee is not around with me.
i think i've been relying on him too much. XD
nah,blame it on the LRT system!
I don't know why,but S'pore's MRT is far more easier!

KL is way too busy,and Kedah is way too plain for me.
So now, Muar is cool.
believe me or not.

p/s : Anyone's sister/brother/cousin/whoever soon gonna be studying in AIMST?TELL ME! :)

p/p/s : Anyway, thumbs up for Pudu&TasikSelatan's bus station. It is something we should really proud of! :DD

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