Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am totally a GLEEK!


Heard about this before?
This is one of the dramas just like GossipGirl/VampireDiaries/DesperateHousewives!
you know I love watchin' dramas like this. teehee!
Too many seasons or too many episodes are always not a problem for me! :D

Glee has just ended its second season this week.
It's fun and funny and young!
see,VampireDiaries is something like Twilight. This Glee is just something similar as the HighSchool Musical movie!
woolala. can't help but falling in love with the cast.
they are all sodamngood in singing!
how nice if our school has a Glee Club! ! ! XD

These attached youtube videos are some of my fav!
promise me to load them all yea. you are so gonna love it! :D

Tik Tok

"Tik and also Tok by rapper Ke dollarsign ha" LOL!

This episode is about the Glee Club is being asked by the principal to sing a song to the students,
telling them Drinking alcohol is not appropriate at their age!

Empire State of Mind.

Glee Club members singing in public to attract more people join in their club! :D

nice heh?

In GossipGirl,I love Chuck.
In VampireDiaries,I love Damon.
In Glee, I love Finn aka Cory Monteith!!!

born in 1982

8 years older,so 29 this year?
but he don't look like he's 29!!! omg!


I don't know how many times did I repeat watching this! LOL!

hmmm,some of you may love him!

He is Sam in Glee!
very much look alike with Justin Bieber!

so he sings Bieber's song!



One of fav too!

There are actually alot more songs that I love.
but i can't really find it in youtube. :(((

anyway,just to tell you,
and I think
You should watch that too! :D

p/s :
My current desktop background is this :

Maybe one day, I should change to


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