Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My blog is back =)

Those who visited my blog 24 hours ago, you know there's something wrong with my blog.
All my Photobucket photos were gone, that means 90% of my pictures were not available.
including my banner and background stuffs.
due to some consideration,i decided to close my blog temporarily.
sorry for the inconvenience caused,my blog is back! :P

the purpose that i'm having this post is that
i want to clarify that I am not Emo/Sad/Stress/whatever.
my buddies were worry about mey.
hello,i closed my blog was because of the reason above. XD
see, I am back!

wasted an hour to recreate an account for the Photobucket and upload all the photos again.
it turns up to be my account problem. Craps! =(

Anyway, i am heading back to my FYP.
chapter 2 and 3 are waiting for me.
hmmmp,yesterday's midterm paper was a disaster.
ain't gonna talk about it.
What goes around comes around.
Bah,believe it or not.

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