Saturday, April 9, 2011

Me and my girls

In case you don't know, this is my 2nd post of the day. XD

Hell yeah, we all love hangout.
we just in love with the moment that we spend together with our friends.
i had one sweet day with my girls on Tuesday. Yea, a very sweet one. ;)

From Muar to Malacca, it only takes us about half an hour.
it has been awhile since the last time siao drives us to Malacca.
4 girls, 4 of us, all the way to Malacca, for one holy mission. XD
yes, we were there for Daisy!
to be more exact, we were kinda celebrating Daisy's 21st on that day.

Daisy Me Shu

I haven seen shu for a long long time!
She's studying in Uniten =)

Beside Shu, that's Siao XDD

nolah, She's Shihui, AKA Siao :P
don't ask me why we call her Siao, because it's a long grandma story. LOL!

Fav of the day!
Thanks to Mr.Shawn :)

Introducing Daisy's Shawn :P

Stay sweeeeeet okie you two ;)

Daisy's Shawn was there with us for lunchie.
we went to the T-Bowl!
my very 1st time to dine in the restaurant. It's cool! :)

Interesting Menu with interesting names


oh this is me.
I finally start to feel my hair is long. :DD
woolala,i love my long hair!

The seats of the restaurant is uniquely different.
I am new to it! :)

Our dining table looks exactly like this.
It's a Basin! omg

Coughs, you might have wonder what is this righttttttt.

LOL, FYI this is not the free gift from T-Bowl.
I repeat, This is not.

This is something that we discover while doing shopping! ^^v

the 4 of us ended up with a pair of couple keychains! LOLOLOLOL!
and mine, is the most Kiddy one among them. =_=

the 3 of them chose the same type of mature-clothy-keychains.
See, only me, The animal series. =_='''''''''

lalala, I AM ME! no choice XD

p/s : If you're interested on this keychain thingy, ask me, and i'll tell you personally. ya,not here,not anywhere that my boyfriend can see/hear. he's smart. :P

can't stop laughing when i look at this.

They are like promoting the keychains! XP

zanzan, my set of lunch.

tasted okay for me. =)

My sprite in Toilet bowl XD

The mushroom soup in the bathtub!!

Thanks for the big treat ya wifee :D

and of course, siao siao!

thanks for her Dajie's DSLR! teehee!

And our last stop of the day was . . .


don't tell me you don't know about this place! XD

and that marks the end of the day! :)

It's 10.04.2011, TOMORROW.

My Buddy Daisyphan turns ADULT,she's soon gonna be 21st!
Happy 21st my dear.
love you lotssss.

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